Adrian G. J. Ullrich

Portrait of Adrian Ullrich Economics, History, International Relations Major

2018 Award: Phi Alpha Theta History Award
Major: Economics, History, International Relations
Minor: Analytical Finance and Political Science
Hometown: Coeur d'Alene, ID
Extracurricular activities: Gonzaga Young Democrats, Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society, Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit Honors Society, Omicron Delta Epsilon Economics Honors Society


About the award

The History Department is very pleased to present the Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Award to Adrian Ullrich, who has distinguished himself as a scholar and campus citizen throughout his four years at Gonzaga. Adrian graduates this term as a triple-major in History, Economics, and International Relations, and a double-minor in Analytical Finance and Political Science.

Adrian spent the Fall of 2016 at the Beijing Center for Chinese Studies, where he studied language, politics, and economics, an experience that helped him bring forth two superior papers on Chinese history and diplomacy.

He presented both of these papers in successive years at the Phi Alpha Theta regional conferences. His most recent paper, “Counterinsurgency Failures of the Chinese Nationalist Government [from] (1927-1936),” was described by Prof. Anthony Clark, the commenter on his panel, as “a brilliant work that not only includes post-graduate level research in Chinese political history, but a fully workable and original methodology for studying Chinese policy failures during the interwar period.”

More about Adrian

Future Plans:
In August 2018, I will move to Washington D.C. to pursue a Master’s of Arts degree in Asian Studies at Georgetown University. After that, I plan to pursue a career in the U.S. foreign policy community as a member of the Foreign Service. Eventually, I plan to pursue a doctorate in Political Science concentrating on International Relations.

How has your major contributed to your professional or personal development?
History is my passion; it has imbued me with a long-term perspective on current events and an ability to analyze recent history in a clear and concise manner. Economics has likewise impacted my logical reasoning skills and provides me with a framework for analyzing human behavior in the context of commerce as well as outside of the marketplace. Studying international relations has given this Idahoan a broader mindset and worldview.

What has been your proudest or most significant accomplishment during your Gonzaga career?
Presenting at the Phi Alpha Theta Northwest Regional Conferences in 2017 and 2018 have been my proudest moments while at Gonzaga University. After dedicating many hours to researching, writing, and editing an academic work, it is euphoric to proudly present the fruits of one's labors.