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With the growing importance of the Middle East in international affairs, there is a shortage of Arabic language speakers who are versed in Arabic language and culture.

Art Pieces


The visual arts provide a means for people to better understand themselves and their society, as well as insight into aspects of other cultures.

A person viewing the Senior Thesis Exhibit

Art History

A natural gateway into the study of different cultures and societies that provides students with an enhanced view into other cultures through the lens of art.


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Students in lab


Biochemistry majors will demonstrate competency in the biochemistry laboratory and demonstrate an understanding of the basic concepts in molecular biology.

Group of students in a lab.


Biology studies the origin, structure, development, reproduction, and evolution of life.

GU TV broadcast behind the scenes.

Broadcast & Electronic Media Studies

We provide students with the worldview and skills necessary for creative and responsible work in the television and radio industries.


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 An open bible

Catholic Studies

Students experience a focused engagement with the history, theology, traditions, teachings, and cultural legacies of the Catholic Church.

 Beakers containing different colors


Chemists study the material world and its transformations through insight and experimentation.

The statue of St.Ignatius in front of College Hall


Growing international recognition of China's economic and political importance translates to rapidly increasing career opportunities .

A student listens to a lecture from Psychology Professor Monica Bartlett.

Classical Civilizations

The Department of Classical Civilizations provides students with access to over 2,500 years of human experience drawn from the multicultural world of the ancient Mediterranean and Near East.

Classroom discussion.

Communication Studies

Embrace creativity and intellectual rigor, while at the same time developing skills that have practical applications in the modern workplace.

Computer Science Student using computer

Computer Science & Computational Thinking

A degree in Computer Science gives one both marketable skills and the intellectual breadth that can be applied to any career choice.

The GU Symphony Orchestra performs at the Fox Theater


Majors and non-majors alike combine their passion for music with pursuing lives of leadership and service for the common good.

A student on a laptop


The Criminology program introduces students to sociological perspectives on the causes, consequences, and control of criminal behavior.


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Stock market screen in crowded room.


Provides students a means of specializing in a social science while at the same time acquiring knowledge and skills useful for a business-related career.

Students in library


We celebrate the beauty of words and the power of language as a path towards that goal, and offer cultural, historical, and theoretical approaches to literature and the creative process.

Cheetgrass research

Environmental Studies

Gonzaga's Environmental Studies Program connects science with study of the historical, social, ethical, legal and political issues that affect our natural world


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Dancing Performance

Interdisciplinary Arts

The study of interdisciplinary arts expands a student's problem solving, critical reflection and innovative thinking through combining the strengths of theatre, dance, visual arts, and music.

Student holding globe

International Studies

Gonzaga's International Studies program builds your understanding of the growing interdependence of nations across the globe.

 A map of Italy


Gonzaga's Italian program prepares you to fluently speak, read, write and comprehend the Italian language.

Aerial of Florence

Italian Studies

This program will impart an understanding of Italian culture and competence in the Italian language.


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Japanese Language Students Writing in Kanji


Gonzaga's two-year Japanese program is combined with a study abroad experience to grow your understanding of the Japanese language and culture.

Members of GU's Jazz Combos perform in the Jazz Combos Concert in 2013

Jazz Performance

Gonzaga University's Jazz Studies Program consists of four jazz combos, the jazz ensemble, jazz history classes and jazz improvisation lessons offered on every instrument.

 Professor lecturing


Gonzaga's Journalism program cultivates skills in gathering information through research and interviews, and writing for the array of media platforms.


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A student takes notes during class.


Gonzaga's Mathematics Department provides rigorous training and applies mathematics to solve problems in business, engineering and the social sciences.

Students enjoy their last weeks in Florence, Italy at the end of the school year studying abroad.

Modern Languages & Literature

Gonzaga's Modern Languages & Literature Department is home to the study of seven languages taught at a range of skill levels.

Bulldog Band


We believe music enriches all lives. Any Gonzaga student—regardless of major—can explore and enjoy music through opportunities in our department.

Choir performance

Music Education

Gonzaga's Music Department offers Bachelor's degrees in both Music and Music Education within a program known for small class sizes.


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Glasses on a desk


Our bachelor’s and master’s programs aim to deepen students' love of wisdom through the study of the intellectual and moral traditions of our civilization.

Two physics students filter a beam of light for a project


Gonzaga's Physics Department helps you develop advanced problem-solving skills and a deeper understanding of the science of physics.

A view of College Hall on a sunny day

Political Science

Studying Political Science at Gonzaga offers you a dynamic blend of classical liberal arts education and cutting-edge social science.

Student in class


Gonzaga's Psychology Department focuses on faculty research, as well as student research, while customizing studies to fit interests and career goals.

Stained Glass Classroom

Public Relations

Gonzaga's Public Relations program equips students with the skills to manage communication between organizations and the people they serve.