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International Studies is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the interconnected and interdependent processes shaping the contemporary world.
Gonzaga's International Studies department allows students to acquire historical and cultural knowledge, as well as linguistic proficiency relevant to a geographically defined region. Given its multidisciplinary orientation, the program encourages students to examine local and global issues through a diverse set of perspectives and methodologies as well as to conduct and communicate their independent research through oral presentations and written arguments. Students who major and minor in International Studies learn to reflect on the socio-economic and cultural position from which they engage local and global communities. Finally, the program challenges students to assume the ethical and social responsibilities associated with global citizenship and to respond actively to the world's present and future predicaments. 

Gonzaga Launches Careers

A degree in International Studies prepares students for a wide range of career pathways including international business, communications, language services, education, international law, work with refugees, diplomacy, and many more career paths, both at home and abroad.

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