Programs of Study

Curriculum (Revised Fall 2021)

Effective Fall 2021, students will follow a revised curriculum which offers one Major and one Minor in International Studies. 

The major includes four units: foundational courses, thematic concentration, regional concentration and language proficiency.

Foundational Courses

Foundational courses include courses in Political Science, History, Sociology, Economics and International Studies.

Thematic Concentration

A thematic concentration in either International Political Economy, War and Peace, or Global and Intercultural Connections.

Regional Concentration

A regional concentration in either Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, or the Middle East.

Language Proficiency

Proficiency in a language spoken in the region of study

  • All International Studies majors are required to take six (6) credits at the 300-level or higher in a modern language other than English. Students may need to take language courses at the 100 or 200-level, depending on their previous studies of the language and where they are placed in the sequence of courses. 

Minor in International Studies

International Studies Minors complete either a thematic or a regional concentration.

Curriculum Prior to 2021

Students entering Gonzaga as full-time students prior to Fall 2021 can find the Major and Minor requirements for their catalog year by going to the Catalog Archives or Degree Worksheets.

Degree requirements are determined by catalog year, which is the academic year a student begins attending Gonzaga as a full-time student.
Students in a study group.

INST 201: Making Connections

As part of a final research project, INST 201 students worked in groups to represent different world regions (Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East). Students gathered perspectives and research, relating it to their individual projects. Students discovered that learning in community with one another is learning powerfully!

Visit our Degree Worksheets and Course pages to learn more about International Studies offerings.

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