Programs of Study

The International Studies Programs offer four areas of concentration for both majors and minors: Asian Studies, European Studies, Latin American Studies and International Relations.

Each concentration features coursework across the disciplines and will develop your understanding of the growing interdependence of nations across the globe and the issues that arise from those relationships.

Asian Studies

Asian Studies gives students a foundational understanding of Asian cultures, history, civilizations, religious traditions, and contemporary political, economic and social change. Recent course offerings include Japan Past and Present; Politics of the Pacific Rim; Buddhism; Comparative Middle Eastern Politics; Post-Soviet Russia and China; The Politics of Eurasia; and Islamic Civilizations. Asian Studies majors and minors are required to study an Asian language. Gonzaga offers Japanese and Arabic language courses (though the 202 level). Students seeking proficiency through the 300 level in Japanese or Arabic study abroad at Sophia or Akita universities in Japan or the CET Program in Amman, Jordan, as well as arranging individualized study with Gonzaga faculty. Courses, in, e.g., culture, history, etc., taken abroad can be used to substitute for language courses in cases where it is not possible to achieve the required level of proficiency at Gonzaga.

European Studies

European Studies cultivates an appreciation of European civilization, a knowledge of its history and role in the world, as well as exposure to its contemporary social, economic and political challenges. Students can study French, German, Italian or Spanish at Gonzaga through the required levels. Recent course offerings include: Renaissance Europe; The Age of the French Revolution; Italian Civilization and Culture; Spanish, Italian, French, and German Cinema; Eastern Europe since 1945; The New Europe; and Comparative European Politics. Gonzaga students have studied in: Austria (Graz); Belgium (Brussels); France (Paris and Aixen-Provence); Italy (Gonzaga in Florence); Spain (Grenada and Madrid); the UK (Glasgow and London); and many more.

Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies introduces students to the histories, cultures, and political experiences of Latin America and requires the study of Spanish. Course offerings include: Colonial Latin America, Revolutions in Latin America, Latin American Politics, and Latin American Society. Gonzaga students can participate in faculty-led study abroad programs to Mexico and Colombia as well as study in Buenos Aires, Argentina or Valparaiso, Chile.

International Relations

The International Relations major and minor allow students to pursue coursework and research on a variety of global issues with an emphasis on interactions among countries through international organizations, treaties, law, trade and so forth. Course offerings regularly include: American Foreign Policy; Global Economic Issues; Global Political Economy; Global Sociology; Intercultural Competence Development; International Organizations; Inter-religious Dialogue; and Model United Nations.

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