Department of International Studies Student Learning Outcomes

Gonzaga University
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of International Studies
Degrees: B.A. in International Studies (required Regional and Thematic concentrations), Minor in International Studies (required Regional or Thematic concentrations)

The International Studies major will:


  • demonstrate knowledge of the political, economic, social, and environmental systems that organize the globalized world;
  • demonstrate knowledge of a defined region’s cultural practices, history, language(s), religious beliefs, and social/institutional structures;


  • apply theories and methodologies of multiple disciplines to assess and promote deeper understanding of complex global issues;
  • communicate effectively about the issues facing an interconnected world by means of written and oral arguments;


  • demonstrate awareness of the socio-economic and cultural positions from which they engage their local and global communities;
  • value active citizenship by appreciating the rights and responsibilities of global citizenship and recognizing issues of social justice in their global and local contexts.

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