Writing Concentration

Please reference the 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog for course requirements specific to English major and minor degrees, and Writing Concentration.

The Writing Concentration is a curriculum within the English Major offering a concentration on writing and literary studies that encourages students to explore their own creative writing in the context of the study of literary tradition. Writing Concentration students earn a B. A. in English with an emphasis in writing. While the Writing Concentration requires five upper-division writing courses, it also requires five upper-division literature courses, a structure which underscores the importance of literary study for serious writers. While most Writing Concentration writing courses are housed within the English curriculum and are taught by English Department faculty, the Writing Concentration also includes writing courses such as Literary Journalism and Playwriting from other departments. Most of the writing courses in the Writing Concentration curriculum involve the production of original creative work such as poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. The Writing Concentration also offers a variety of courses with rhetorical, theoretical, and pedagogical emphases that involve analytical, practical, and professional writing.

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