At Gonzaga, you will come to understand the importance of being a citizen of the world, and learning a second language is part of that educational journey.

What You'll Study

The Modern Languages & Literature Department is home to the study of eight languages taught at a range of skill levels. Our department includes majors and minors in French and Spanish, as well as minors in German and Italian. The department also offers Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Tagalog depending on demand. So if you're looking to continue your language studies from high school or dipping your toes into a world language for the first time, the department can fit your needs, thanks to a placement process that takes into consideration previous language education. Gonzaga requires all of those seeking a degree in the College of Arts and Sciences to demonstrate competence in a second language.

Study Abroad

Our program offers opportunities for you to enhance the classroom experience with a semester spent in Spain, Chile, Jordan, Austria, Italy – or many other spots around the globe.

Gonzaga Launches Careers

At GU, I experienced a global community that prepared me for the diversity I would experience while leading America’s finest soldiers. Read her story here.
Angelique Margve ('17) International Relations and French Major

Angelique Margve is an International Relations and French Major alumni from Gonzaga University

More than Just Learning to Speak a Language

By devoting ourselves to research within a range of cultural and theoretical areas and innovation in language acquisition, we are committed to promoting a dynamic and diverse learning community wherein students may comfortably develop personal talents and human qualities. Our faculty continually emphasize language performance and intercultural competence and create innovative and exciting opportunities for individual, hands-on experience. Students' success is shown in many ways but most importantly by success in real communicative settings. Our approach allows you to learn a language with upper-level courses in literature, film, society and more, furthering our mission of exposing students to new cultures and developing a tolerance for difference.

We are a member of these organizations

Association of Departments of Foreign Languages

The ADFL is an association of departments of foreign languages and literatures and divisions of humanities.

Modern Language Association

MLA is a leading advocate for the study and teaching of languages and literatures and serves as a clearinghouse for professional resources for teachers and scholars.

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