Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I major and/or minor in more than one language?
Yes! We offer 2 majors and 6 minors. Many of our students double major – in a language and another field. To find out how, speak with your language advisor or Language Program Coordinator.

Do you offer scholarships?
Yes! We provide support for students to apply for a multitude of scholarships and other opportunities.

Do you offer student employment opportunities?
Yes! Currently, students with advanced language skills can apply to be a peer tutor through our Modern Languages Tutoring Center (check ZagsIgnite for our ad in mid-summer). Speak to your language advisor or Language Program Coordinator if you’re interested in working as a tutor.

Who are the Language Program Coordinators?
Prof. Ute Perz (German), Dr. Alec Schumacher (Spanish), Dr. Enrico Zammarchi (Italian), Dr. Ben Semple, Department Chair (Arabic, ASL, Chinese, Filipino, French, and Japanese)

Do you offer language tutoring?
Yes, we do! We’re pleased to offer free language tutoring services and conversation sessions to any student taking our language courses. Our tutoring policy and instructions for how to schedule session can be found on our Modern Language Tutoring Center website.

I’m interested in study abroad. Can you help me?
We can help! Many of our faculty either lead or are affiliated with Gonzaga study abroad programs. We can give you some advising support, but a lot of the logistical details [financials, course articulations] should be discussed with advisors in Study Abroad.

Do courses I take abroad fulfill major and minor requirements?
Yes! The Study Abroad Office, in conjunction with the corresponding Gonzaga school or department, has created numerous advising guides that will help you to determine the right study abroad program based on courses you are interested in taking abroad.

Additional information about language testing, study abroad, careers in languages, honor society, and other topics related to language study can be found under the “For Students”.