American Sign Language

American Sign Language I and II introduce students to communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities of the ASL community.
Elementary ASL I is offered in the Fall (EDSE 101) and Elementary ASL II is offered in the Spring (EDSE 102)

Degree Information

American Sign Language, is not offered as a major or minor in the School of Education or the Department of Modern Languages and Literature at Gonzaga University. Currently, it is offered at the elementary levels (101, 102). If sufficient interest is demonstrated, intermediate levels (201, 202) are also offered. EDSE 101 and EDSE 102 can be used to fulfill the College of Arts and Sciences language requirement. Read more about this requirement here.

Placement Exam and Proficiency Exam information

If you are continuing in the study of ASL from high school, you are required to complete the placement exam in order to be placed in the appropriate level (Dual Enrollment and College in the High School are not included in this policy). The exam is conducted by a third-party provider: When registering, use the following:

Contact: Dr. Kimberly Weber, Chair - Special Education, School of Education
Phone: 509-313-3661