ARAB 101 Elementary Arabic I
4.00 credits
Grammar, composition, verbal practice and oral comprehension form the basis of this course. Designed to provide the student with the fundamentals of Arabic.
ARAB 102 Elementary Arabic II
4.00 credits
A continuation of ARAB 101 through verbal practice, oral comprehension, reading composition and grammar.
ARAB 101 Minimum Grade: D
ARAB 201 Intermediate Arabic I
4.00 credits
Intermediate reading, grammar, vocabulary and translation. Explores the root and pattern system of Arabic grammar and complex sentence structure.
ARAB 102 Minimum Grade: D
ARAB 202 Intermediate Arabic II
4.00 credits
Intensive written and oral work to develop written and oral comprehension. Composition, advanced vocabulary work and grammar.
ARAB 201 Minimum Grade: D
ARAB 290 Directed Study
1.00- 4.00 credits
Topic to be determined by professor and approved by the Department Chair.
ARAB 497 Internship
.00- 6.00 credits
Professional experience in a setting related to the Arabic-speaking community in which Arabic is used. Student is responsible to find an appropriate internship and to present a plan (description, objectives, proposed assessment) to the Department Chair for approval.
ARAB 202 Minimum Grade: D