In 2003, Tagalog was the fifth most-spoken language in the US. By 2011, it was the fourth most-spoken language. Tagalog usage is significant in California, Nevada, and Washington.

Degree Information

The Filipino language, Tagalog, is not offered as a major or minor in the Department of Modern Languages and Literature at Gonzaga University. Currently, it is only offered at the elementary levels (101, 102).

MDLA 190 - Elementary Tagalog I (101) offered in Fall 2021. MDLA 190 - Elementary Tagalog II (102) offered in Spring 2022.

Fall 2021 class times:

  • Tagalog 101 Elementary Tagalog I (CRN 14207) MWF 4:10-5pm and T 3:15-4:05 - College Hall 046