Why Study the Spanish Language?

More than 10 percent of U.S. residents – or 3.2 million people – speak Spanish as their native language. This statistic and increasing trade with Latin America, means Spanish language skills are more important than ever in all aspects of American life. Our Department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish as well as a minor in Spanish.

What Can I Do With a Spanish Language Degree?

Our program prepares you to meet the growing demand for bilingual professionals in today’s job market. In addition to coursework on Spanish language and conversation, classes also explore Spanish-American literature, Hispanic film, linguistics, and contemporary Hispanic issues. With a degree in Spanish, you could pursue career and volunteer opportunities in business, education, government, the Peace Corps, Fulbright, and international assistance programs. The program is also preparation for graduate studies in Spanish, international studies and Latin American studies.

Study Abroad!

We also grow your understanding of the Hispanic culture through summer and semester-length study abroad experiences in places such as Argentina, Chile, Gonzaga-in-Cuernavaca (Mexico), and our ILACA Granada program in Spain.

Are you a current student looking for Fellowship, Work, and/or Research Opportunities in Spanish?

Student Learning Outcomes

Our program is accredited by the Northwest accreditation board, membership in Modern Language Association and in American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. The Spanish major will:

  1. Communicate orally entirely in target language in both everyday and professional/academic settings with a high degree of phonetic, syntactic and semantic accuracy ACTFL* advanced level).
  2. Comprehend complex information provided orally at the normal conversational tempo of a native speaker (ACTFL advanced level).
  3. Write with proficiency to contrast, criticize, analyze, defend opinions, and advance and support a thesis (ACTFL advanced level).
  4. Comprehend and interpret challenging and diverse reading material in the target language (ACTFL advanced level).
  5. Demonstrate insightful and complex understanding of the target language culture(s) and function comfortably in a wide range of social situations in the target language environment(s).

* ACTFL refers to the “American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages” Proficiency Guidelines.

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