Modern Languages & Literature Department Events

Events - Fall 2022 

Book Celebration: Enchanted Dulcinea

Featuring Dr. Rebecca Marquis
September 22, 4:00-5:15 pm,College Common Courtyard (Humanities Building)

All university presentation in English, all are welcome.

*Mental Health and Language Matters: The Case of Philippine Microstructure

With Dr. Maico Demi Aperocho, 2022-2023 Fulbright FLTA - Filipino
September 29, 4:10 pm, Center for Global Engagement, 2nd floor

When it comes to mental health issues, anyone can become vulnerable. This talk will focus on the depressive language used by Filipinos living in the microstructure, the stigmatized, voiceless, powerless, unsafe, and misunderstood; by delving into their language use, language experiences, and ideological representations.

All-university presentation in English, all are welcome. 

*Life Along the Mekong River

With Jade Fletcher, English Language Center instructor
October 26, 4:10, Center for Global Engagement, 2nd floor

All are welcome to join us as an Evacuated Peace Corps volunteer shares her experience navigating linguistic and cultural barriers during her time serving in rural Cambodia

Open House: Major/Minor, Study Abroad, Language Requirement

November 1, 5:30pm, CG 028

Study abroad, spring classes, language major or minor, advising, and more! Meet the professors of the department and asked about future classes in Chinese, Filipino, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish, completing the major/minor, and how to fulfill requirements during study abroad.

*Honor and Change - Saudi Culture: An expat's reflections on a new era in an ancient land

With Kenny Strickland, English Language Center instructor
November 2, 4:10, Center for Global Engagement, 2nd floor

2016 marked the end of authority of the “religious police” and the beginning of the Crown Prince’s 2030 Vision. In the years since, Saudi Arabia, a land steeped in tradition, has been swept up in a fast-moving current of cultural change.

All-university presentation in English, all are welcome.

*Japanese Calligraphy

With Harumi Norasakkunkit, Japanese instructor
November 16, 4:30, Center for Global Engagement, 2nd floor

Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) is an artistic way of writing the Chinese characters using brush and black ink. The writing has a set brush stroke order for the artists to create works of beauty. Shodo is also a form of meditation. You can clear the mind and let the brush flow freely.

All-university presentation in English, all are welcome.

*Intercultural Engagement Series events are designed to create a space for dialogue among students across our various language programs around a common theme. The dialogue allows the opportunity for students to develop the ability to demonstrate an insightful and complex understanding of the target language culture(s). See the Gonzaga Bulletin profile on this event by Georgia Cosola.  

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