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Embodying the famous words of Socrates, “The unexamined life is not worth living,” the Department of Philosophy offers the Gonzaga community opportunities to reflect on the most fundamental questions of the human experience and to explore ideas about God, humanity, and the universe in which we live.

Our bachelor’s and master’s programs aim to deepen students' love of wisdom through the study of the intellectual and moral traditions of our civilization. Courses grow your ability to think independently, clearly and critically about your assumptions, principles and ideas — preparing you to provide society enlightened, responsible leadership and service.

Our department regularly hosts philosophy lectures and events for the Gonzaga community, including the Northwest Philosophy Conference, the Annual Rukavina Lecture in Philosophy, the Graduate Student Philosophy Conference, and Philosophy Club and Socratic Club lectures.

The Gonzaga Philosophy Department is also home to several international philosophical projects. Dr. Tritten serves as Secretary of the Metaphysical Society of America and Dr. Henning is the founder and Executive Editor of the Edinburgh Critical Edition of the Complete Works of Alfred North Whitehead.
Patrick Murray Ph.D.

Upcomg Event

Canceling History: Phenomenological False Moves and the Illusion of the Economic

Presented by Patrick Murray, Ph.D.
John C. Kenefick Faculty Chair in the Humanities and Professor of Philosophy, Creighton University

Murray, building on Marx's ideas, believes that economics ignores history by portraying capitalism as the only way things are produced. This makes people think that capitalism is natural and ignores the social aspects of production.

Students take notes during a lecture by Jay Ciaffa

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate studies lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major or minor in philosophy.

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Graduate Program

The Master of Arts program offers a wide scope of philosophical studies.

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