Philosophy Graduate Program

With one of the largest and most pluralistic faculties in the Northwest, Gonzaga University's program of study toward a Master of Arts in Philosophy affords you the opportunity to engage in coursework and research on a wide range of topics. A hallmark of the graduate experience at Gonzaga is close work with our faculty members throughout the department. In keeping with the Jesuit character of Gonzaga, our graduate students have opportunities to explore the significance of philosophy for fundamental questions of human meaning and value.

Within a broad spectrum of available graduate course and research opportunities, our program has two major areas of study: History of Western Philosophy and Social and Applied Ethics.

History of Western Philosophy

Students seeking to concentrate in the history of Western philosophy may choose from courses on every major period of the Western tradition, as well as historically significant philosophical movements. Our faculty includes specialists in ancient Greek, medieval, modern, and contemporary philosophy, as well as specialists in all major movements of Twentieth Century philosophy — analytic philosophy, phenomenology, existentialism, process philosophy and Neo-Scholasticism. Research in all these areas is supported by one of the best history of philosophy library collections in the Northwest.

Social and Applied Ethics

Our program offers a range of opportunities for course work and research in the growing field of social and applied ethics. The faculty has specialists in traditional fields of social and applied ethics, like business, environmental and medical ethics and philosophy of law, as well as new fields such as the ethics of climate change, eating and technology. The department also regularly offers courses in allied disciplines such as social and international ethics, feminism and political philosophy. The program also offers a distinctive one-semester medical internship. The department has greatly increased library holdings in these areas over the past decade, and granting students ample research opportunities.

Regardless of a student's area of focus, key features of Gonzaga's Master of Arts in Philosophy program include the following:

  • 30 credit program requirement, including eight graduate-level seminars or elective courses (24 credits) and six-credit Thesis requirement;
  • comprehensive written examination on a reading list of key texts in the history of philosophy with a follow-up oral examination;
  • logic requirement, which can be satisfied either by coursework or a competence examination.

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