Stories of Success

Since 1999, the Master’s in Philosophy Program has placed students in PhD programs at a variety of institutions: SUNY Binghamton, Fordham University, Purdue University, Catholic University of America, University of Dallas, Memorial University of Newfoundland, University of Oregon) and in teaching positions in the area and beyond (e.g. Eastern Washington University, Spokane Community College, North Idaho College, and Gonzaga University itself).

Sam Underwood ('17), Ph.D. Candidate at Memorial University Newfoundland

Portrait of Gonzaga Philosophy Graduate Student Sam Underwood.
"I have so many good things I could say about the graduate program at Gonzaga. My experience in the program was overwhelmingly positive, both professionally and personally. I found a very supportive and enriching environment, with a strong community of graduate students and deeply invested faculty members, whose help is eagerly offered at every stage of the degree. At Gonzaga, philosophy is decidedly not a solitary activity: whether it's the graduate conference, the many lecture series, or the late nights at Jack and Dan's, philosophical stimulation is lurking around every corner. "


David Kovacs ('12) , Ph.D. at Fordham University, Robert Bellarmine Postdoctoral Fellow, Loyola Marymount University

Portrait of David Kovacs, Gonzaga Philosophy graduate student.
"I have met a lot of PhD students from a lot of different programs, but rarely have I met one who would have the breadth of mastery of the whole history of western philosophy that someone coming from Gonzaga’s MA program would have. History of philosophy is a serious strength at Gonzaga."


Elizabeth Hill ('17), Ph.D. Candidate at Memorial University Newfoundland

Portrait of Elizabeth Hill, Gonzaga University Philosophy graduate student.
"One of the best things about Gonzaga is its commitment to lived philosophy. As a graduate student in philosophy, it can be easy to get absorbed in abstract ideas and never connect them to a world full of beauty, suffering, and wonder. My time at Gonzaga has convinced me that a good philosophical education not only revolves around quality teaching and rigorous study (both of which are found at Gonzaga in abundance), but also a robust belief in the profound importance of ideas for living a meaningful and fulfilling life with others. Good philosophy doesn't allow for thought without action, and I am thankful to have had professors who modeled this by passionately and responsibly living out their principles, both locally and globally, every day."


Tof Chapin ('19), Current M.A. Student

Portrait of Christopher Chapin, Gonzaga University Philosophy graduate student.
"Coming to Gonzaga was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only do they have such a pluralistic department that you could study nearly anything from the Western tradition, from Plato, Aristotle, Augustine and Aquinas to Wittgenstein, Russell, Foucault and Sartre, they also give you the space and support to play with the ideas to your heart's content. Whether you are interested in pursuing a Ph.D or not makes no difference; in either case, your time and effort at Gonzaga will be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences of your life!"


Annalee Ring ('18), Accepted Ph.D. Candidate at The University of Oregon

"Gonzaga's demanding program necessitates a thorough understanding of the history of philosophy in order to graduate. As far as I'm aware, Gonzaga is one of the only programs to require a comprehensive history exam, and this will set you apart as an applicant to doctoral programs, if this is your goal. This emphasis on the history of philosophy allows graduate candidates to pursue nearly anything they want seeing as there are faculty members who are experts in almost every area in the discipline. You will not have a shortage of professors to assist you regardless of your interests, and you may find that you gain other interests in your studies at Gonzaga thanks to the varied and pluralistic program."

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