The Master of Arts program in Philosophy builds on the central place of philosophical study in Gonzaga's Jesuit, Catholic, humanistic identity.

Through coursework, supervised study, examinations, and a thesis, the program stresses understanding of the main problems of philosophy as they emerge in the history of philosophy, knowledge of the major figures and movements of the history of philosophy, and attention to contemporary philosophy and social and applied ethics. The program's focus on fundamental questions of reality, knowledge, and the good promotes skills of reflection and self-examination, and prepares students for critical engagement with and across human cultures.

Year 1

4 Required Classes (12 Credits)

  • 3 Graduate Seminar Classes
  • 1 Philosophy Seminar Class

Year 2

1 Required Class & 3 Electives (12 Credits)

  • 1 Required Graduate Seminar Class
  • 3 Elective Classes: Select from Graduate Seminar, Philosophy Seminar, and Independent Study

Exit Requirements

  • Logic Exam
  • Comprehensive Exam
  • Thesis



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