About the Philosophy Department

The Philosophy Department at Gonzaga University is among the largest in the western United States, with more than 20 full-time and many part-time faculty members. The quest for understanding has been at the heart of Jesuit education since its inception and philosophy courses have a prominent place not only in Gonzaga University's Core Curriculum, but also serve as key components of interdisciplinary concentrations in Catholic studies, environmental studies, women's and gender studies, and solidarity and social justice.

Undergraduate philosophy majors can expect to take a sequence of courses on the history of philosophy; seminars focusing on philosophical research, discussion and writing; and a range of 400-level electives that they can tailor to their own interests.

The department also offers a program of studies leading to the Master of Arts degree in Philosophy, led by one of the largest and most pluralistic faculties in the western US. The program's strengths in two broad areas of study, History of Western Philosophy and Social and Applied Ethics. Most students finish the 30-credit graduate program in two-to-four years.

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