Philosophy Undergraduate Program

Philosophy has played a central role in Jesuit education since its inception, a tradition reflected by the place of philosophy in the Gonzaga University Core. Philosophy courses in the University Core will develop your skills of thought and analysis, engage you in sustained reflection on questions of human nature and personhood, and ask you to examine human morality and values.

The Philosophy Department offers a Bachelor of Arts major in philosophy and a minor in philosophy, which aim to deepen students' love of wisdom through the study of the intellectual and moral traditions of civilization. Courses grow your ability to think independently, clearly and critically about your assumptions, principles and ideas — preparing you to provide society enlightened, responsible leadership and service.

Many employers and professional schools value the well-rounded education of liberal arts majors, and a major in philosophy in particular is useful preparation for a variety of careers. The focus on logic, argumentation and moral theory is valuable to students interested in law. Students aiming for a career in business, public policy or government will practice reflective analysis on the ways political, moral and social values are embedded in institutions.

In addition to the longstanding Rukavina Lecture, the department hosted the first annual Gonzaga University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference in 2017, which featured presentations by students from universities across the nation.

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Philosophy Events and Groups

The department holds events throughout the year and is home to a number of sponsored and affiliated groups.

Careers and Philosophy

As a philosophy major, you'll develop qualities employers and graduate schools seek in their future leaders.

Health Care Ethics Internships

A two-to-three credit academic internship as a research assistant to the Providence Center for Faith at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

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