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What You'll Study

Gonzaga's Department of Mathematics offers Bachelor degrees in Mathematics (B.S. and B.A.) and Applied Mathematics (B.S.), as well as minors in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics. Our program offers a blend of pure mathematics and its applications to business, the natural sciences, engineering, and the social sciences.

Our classes challenge you to use your growing knowledge to analyze and advance our University's mission of serving the greater good. There are many opportunities to pursue your passion for mathematics and enrich your understanding of its role in the world through participation in undergraduate research, conferences, community teaching, and clubs.

Gonzaga Launches Careers

A degree in mathematics or applied mathematics prepares you for jobs in industry, government, or education, and opens the door to graduate school.

"I am a person who can step out into the world, face a hard and difficult task, but because of everything I learned at GU, I can do it all!"
Chioma Mekkam, Cloud Engineer, Nike, Major: Mathematics & Computer Science, 2017

New Program in Applied Mathematics

Do you like mathematics and want to apply it to other disciplines?

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From medical imaging to weather modeling to data science (and much more), applied mathematics is on the forefront of helping solve the increasingly complex problems facing our society. Gonzaga’s Applied Mathematics Program was designed to prepare students for interdisciplinary technical jobs in high demand from employers as well as graduate school in a variety of areas.

Here's More About Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics Program Information Flyer

What can you do with an Applied Mathematics degree? What careers are available? We've got answers.

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The Future of STEM Starts Here

From climate change and public health research to biology, biochemistry, psych, mathematics, and electronics labs, the Bollier Center spaces create opportunity for engineering and applied and natural sciences to live and grow together.

Applied Mathematics Degree Worksheets

Reference the Undergraduate Catalog for course requirements specific to the Mathematics Department majors and minors.

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