Two student work together on a math problem using a white board.


Gonzaga University's Department of Mathematics provides rigorous training in mathematics and its applications to solve problems in business, engineering, the social sciences and other disciplines.

Our bachelor's degree programs are a blend of pure mathematics and classical applications. While developing your mathematical skills, our classes challenge you to use your growing knowledge to analyze and advance our University’s mission of serving the greater good. We also offer students the option to combine the study of mathematics with computer science.

Our department provides many opportunities to grow your passion for mathematics and enrich your understanding of its role in the world through participation in conferences, community teaching, clubs and internships and through hosting the ongoing Spokane Regional Mathematics Colloquium. With a degree in mathematics, you will be prepared to pursue positions in industry, government and education or to enter a graduate program.

Bonnie Dichone stands in front of a classroom teaching math.

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