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The Art Department encourages students to bring the whole of their spiritual, creative, and intellectual experience to the learning process.

You'll receive one-on-one time with experienced professors who know your name and you'll have ample opportunities to investigate different forms of media, including ceramics, design, drawing, painting, and printmaking. By exploring the aesthetic limitations and possibilities within rules of composition and design, students hone their skills in creative problem-solving and learn effective visual communication of ideas, while Gonzaga's uncrowded, quiet studios allow for reflection and exploration.

Gonzaga's Art Department offers both a major and a minor in art, in addition to an interdisciplinary Visual Literacy minor, which encourage creativity and innovation and emphasize developing the fundamentals of each artistic medium. The Department curriculum also offers a concentration in art history for art majors and a minor in art history for all non-art majors.

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Filmon Abraham

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Student Art Work

We offer students the opportunity to explore the varieties of visual experience through the graphic and plastic arts.

Art Department Newsletter

Inside this inaugural issue of the Art Department newsletter, you will find an abundance of exciting and inspiring news about student, faculty, and alumni activities over the last year.

Kreielsheimer Visiting Artists

Since 1988, the Art Department has hosted national and international visiting artists to work and teach at the University.

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