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Visual Literacy

Visual media has become a ubiquitous aspect of modern society. The Visual Literacy Minor delves into the production and analysis of photography, filmmaking, and design, empowering students to better interpret these media modalities while skillfully creating their own.

What You’ll Study

Gonzaga’s Visual Literacy minor is an interdisciplinary hands-on program that focuses on the study and production of film, video, photography, design, and other forms of visual media. Students in the program produce short films, photography portfolios, and other creative and journalistic visual expression forms.

About the Program

The program is a collaboration between the Art and Integrated Media departments that gives students models for thinking critically about the interpretation and impact of images and artistic creation and the evolving role of visual media in our society. The curriculum integrates experiential learning with the theories and ethics of artistic and journalistic visual creation.

What can I do With a Visual Literacy Minor?

The Visual Literacy Minor gives you experience working with the digital tools of image and motion-picture making. Skills fostered in this program are an essential aspect of the creative-professional industry and help prepare students interested in working in marketing, design, entertainment, the fine arts, or other creative fields.

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