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Integrated Media

We live in a media landscape that delivers information and entertainment and connects us constantly. While everyone uses the media, creating content that informs with credibility and context requires specialized skills and knowledge. The Integrated Media Department at Gonzaga University prepares students for careers across a variety of the media platforms, from the broadcast and journalism industries to public relations and strategic communications.

Students engage in experiential learning through the lens of the University Mission, focusing on social injustice in the community and telling the stories of those who are vulnerable.

Integrated Media students learn to think strategically and critically about media consumption as well as creation, considering credibility, accuracy and sourcing while working on multiple platforms, from print and broadcast to social media and blogging websites.

The Integrated Media Department offers a plethora of opportunities for students to hone their creative skills, from producing content for the department TV station (GUTV) and radio station (KAGU) to working as writers, editors and photographers for the student newspaper The Gonzaga Bulletin. INMD students intern at some of the top media companies in the country as well as at local media outlets.

The Integrated Media Department prepares students to engage in careers as professional and ethical media creators, with an awareness of their opportunities to make a difference globally as well as locally.

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