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Chemistry & Biochemistry

What You'll Study

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry offers two degrees (B.S. and B.A), two majors (Chemistry or Biochemistry) and one minor (Chemistry). With an emphasis on undergraduate research, the department provides excellent opportunities to test the laws and theories of chemistry through hands-on experiments. In our department, you will build strong laboratory skills and develop an understanding of topics in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, and biochemistry, along with a well-rounded Jesuit education as you pursue a major.

Gonzaga Launches Careers

"Gonzaga taught me to be self-directed in all of my academic pursuits. That has been instrumental in going forward to medical school."
Benjamin Titus ,  University of Washington School of Medicine - Gonzaga Regional Health Partnership, Major: Biochemistry, 2015

What Can I do With a Chemistry or Biochemistry Degree?

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry prepares students for careers in a variety of fields. Many Chemistry majors continue to medical school or other graduate work following graduation from Gonzaga.

Consider these pathways:

  • Do you want to teach high-school chemistry? Couple the B.A. in Chemistry with the teacher certification program in Gonzaga’s School of Education.
  • Interested in a career in environmental science? Our B.A. in Chemistry—combined with courses in biology, civil engineering and law—is a great option.
  • If you’re interested in chemical engineering, consider a B.S. in Chemistry with additional courses from the School of Engineering.
Dr. Jennifer Shepherd, Ph.D. in the lab


Gonzaga Science Research Program

As a Chemistry major, you'll have the opportunity to enhance your college experience through research in a faculty mentor's laboratory.

Dr. Jennifer Niven Shepherd holds a lab for students.

The Future of STEM Starts Here

From climate change and public health research to biology, biochemistry, psych, mathematics, and electronics labs, the Bollier Center spaces create opportunity for engineering and applied and natural sciences to live and grow together.


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