About the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Our Chemistry and Biochemistry Department offers bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and biochemistry and a minor in chemistry.

The Bachelor of Science programs offer two options: the American Chemical Society-approved program, which requires a senior thesis, and the non-thesis program. The Bachelor of Arts degree is a popular choice for careers in the health sciences or as a chemistry teacher.

Our student-centered faculty is comprised of knowledgeable and dedicated scientists and teachers who provide research guidance, academic advising and professional mentorship to help you define your career path. We emphasize undergraduate research, with opportunities to conduct your own experiments in our laboratories using advanced equipment, such as spectrometers and gas and liquid chromatographs.

We host a weekly seminar series that brings leading speakers to campus throughout the year. Our internship program and 11-week summer research program also provide excellent hands-on research experiences and professional networking. Additionally, many of our students are members of Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society and participate in local outreach activities, grade-school demonstrations, and field trips to regional science facilities.

With a degree from our department, you could pursue a career in a variety of fields requiring strong backgrounds in science, problem solving and analysis. For example, recent graduates have taken jobs in pharmaceutical research and development, medical technology, actuary work, chemical sales, and teaching. Our graduates also volunteer with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and AmeriCorps. Approximately 60 percent of all Gonzaga chemistry and biochemistry graduates go on to graduate study, including medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacy, physician assistant, and even law school.

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