In September 2003, Gonzaga University dedicated a new wing to Hughes Hall, the "Inland Northwest Natural Research and Resource Center."

This new wing houses teaching and research laboratories for the Chemistry and Biology Departments. In 2004, the original wing of Hughes Hall was renovated to create biology teaching laboratories and additional research space for the two departments.

The maximum number of students allowed in each laboratory section is 18 or less. This creates a safe environment and allows students to get individual help. Each laboratory section is monitored by a professor or professional staff and some courses use student teaching assistants to increase individualized help.

The chemistry laboratories have state-of-the-art air handling equipment with constant volume air control with 100% outside air exchange. From the introductory laboratories to the advanced laboratories, the lab space was designed for functionality and safety.

Our undergraduate students have access to modern analytical and qualitative tools for their classwork and research projects. Below are some of the major instruments available.




400 MHz NMR Bruker 2017
UV-VIS spectrometer Agilent, Cary 2018
Fluorescence Spectrometer Cary 2009
Perkin-Elmer Luminescence Spectrometer LS-50B 2000
FTIR Spectrometer Nicolet 2017
FTIR Spectrometer with microscope attachment Perkin Elmer 2004
CD Spectrometer Jasco 2010
Scanning Electron Microscope Zeiss 1995
Nd:Yag Pulsed Laser Minilite 1996
Powder XRD* Pan Analytical 1989
Wyatt 2014
HPLC with UV-Vis Analyzer Agilent 2015
HPLC with TOF MS Waters 2008
HPLC with Tandem MS Waters 2008
GC with Thermal Conductivity Detector Hewlett- Packard 1988
GCMS Hewlett-Packard 1994
ICPMS Agilent 2012
Flame AA Varian 1982
Ion Chromatograph
Dionex 2010
Flash Chromatography System Grace 2014
FPLC Akta 2014
Thermogravimetric Analyzer Perkin Elmer 2016
Differential Scanning Calorimeter Perkin Elmer 1993
Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter Parr 1998
Magnetic Susceptibility Balance Alpha Aesar 1990
SpeedVac Concentrator Savant 2000
Microwave Synthesizer Biotage 2011
Ultrapure Water System Equova 2009
Odyssey Blot Imager LI-COR 2014
Step One RTqPCR Applied Biosystems 2014
Synergy HTX Plate Reader Biotek 2014
Surface Area Analyzer Micrometrics 2010
Lyophilizer SP Industries 2008
Auto-Titrator Mettler Toledo 2008

* The XRD instrument was obtained from the US Bureau of Mines Government Surplus at no cost to Gonzaga, nearly a quarter of a million in tax dollars recycled.

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