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What You'll Study

The Department of History offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. We also offer four minors: History, Asian History, Latin American History, and History of Race & Ethnic Communities.

The study of history develops an informed, critical, articulate sense of the past, an appreciation for the diversity of human experience, and an awareness of the role that tradition has played in shaping the present. A focused study of the human past also helps you broaden your perceptions of the contemporary world’s complex social structures and cultural interactions. In other words, the study of history provides an informed citizenry with the context that they will need to navigate an increasingly complicated world.

What Can I Do With a History Degree?

Students who study History can expect to develop the research, analytical, and communication skills necessary for success in today’s competitive job market. A History degree offers a well-rounded foundation for:

  • Graduate work
  • Study of law
  • Teaching
  • Archival and library sciences
  • Many possible vocations in business and the professions

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