About the History Department

Gonzaga History classes develop an informed, critical, and articulate sense of the past, an appreciation for the diversity of human experience, and an awareness of the role of tradition in shaping the present. Students learn to apply historical lessons to contemporary and future challenges and opportunities while sharpening their research, writing, and analytical skills.

Interdisciplinary classes, with cross-listings in Art, Classical Civilizations, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Environmental Studies, International Studies, Modern Languages, Native American Studies, Solidarity and Social Justice, and Women and Gender Studies, help students understand the interconnectedness of humanity past and present.  

As a central pillar of the University Core, Gonzaga History courses provide all students the opportunity to explore pasts relevant to their contemporary lives. 

Innovative faculty scholarship informs student research projects and internships. Professors enrich student learning with exciting new work from the field.

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