Dance is an art form that takes both imagination and discipline. In the Dance Program at Gonzaga University, you will develop your art as a dancer while learning the skills to turn your passion into a profession.

What You'll Study

The program, currently offering a major and minor in dance, explores a variety of dance styles and techniques including: musical theatre, urban, modern, jazz, and ballet. There are many opportunities each year to experience the thrill of performance through both faculty and student choreographed concerts as well as participation in the American College Dance Association regional conferences.

Get Involved

The Dance Program aims to inspire others through the Dance for Parkinson’s service project, community performances, and the ZagDance program, a free elementary after-school dance program taught by our dance students. The program also hosts professional dance workshops and is home to Dance Club with classes, events, and performance opportunities for all Gonzaga students.


More About Dance at Gonzaga

Students dancing in a courtyard in Florence.

Dance Department Fall 2023 Newsletter

Join us in celebrating the past year and looking forward to the 2023-2024 season!

How the Dance Unfolds

The Gonzaga experience is filled with moments that come together to forge lasting relationships, provide strength in the face of challenge and help you find your purpose.

Four dancers in red dresses and white tights dancing in a cirle with arms in the air, against a blue background.

21st Annual Spring Dance Concert

The Spring Dance Concert is an accumulation of spring semester classes and GURDC works. This year's concert will include works from 2023 Spring Classes: Ballet III, Jazz III, Modern III, Pop Culture Dance, Musical Theatre Tap, and our Student Choreographers.

Upcoming Events

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