Gonzaga University Theatre and Dance performance of Mr Burns.

Theatre & Dance

The Theatre & Dance Department at Gonzaga University is committed to training and developing artists who confront the important issues in our lives through their engagement with the art forms of live theatre and dance.

Students study and critically reflect on a broad range of literature, theatrical forms, and techniques in order to promote an active engagement with the foundations of our culture and to promote the formation of a character that reflects the faith and justice mission of Gonzaga University. The intended outcome of this study and reflection is to provide service to our audience and the broader community and to promote the search for social justice.

Our purpose is to serve young artists hoping to apply disciplined training and thoughtful work to search for justice and the greater good of those around them.

The Theatre & Dance Department at Gonzaga University provides training and on-stage experiences in theatre performance, technical theatre, dance, and interdisciplinary arts. These programs help to grow your talent on the stage, while also preparing you with professional skills for a career in the performing arts and a host of other fields. The department presents both faculty and student-directed theatrical productions and faculty and student-choreographed dance concerts each year.



Gonzaga's Theatre program is a key facet of the University's arts community.


A major or minor in Dance exposes students to various styles of dance and the thrill of performance.

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