Degree Requirements

The department offers two majors and three minors:

  • Bachelor of Arts, Theatre Arts major
  • Bachelor of Arts, Dance major
  • Minor in Theatre Arts
  • Minor in Dance
  • Minor in Interdisciplinary Arts

Please reference the Undergraduate Catalog for course requirements specific to the Theatre Arts, and Dance.

  • The Department of Theatre and Dance assists students in becoming effective, creative, and ethically responsible communicators who can understand theoretical choices and design, express, interpret, and critically evaluate oral, written, nonverbal, and electronically mediated messages.
  • Theatre and Dance, as an academic discipline, draws upon the humanities, the social and natural sciences, and the professions.
  • Teaching and learning methods combine lectures, seminars, workshops, production, and performance.

Please reference the 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog for course requirements specific to the Interdisciplinary Arts minor.

  • The study of Interdisciplinary Arts expands a student's problem solving, critical reflection and innovative thinking through combining the strengths of theatre, dance, visual arts, and music.
  • This minor also allows students, such as those in STEM majors, to integrate valuable arts experience into their skill set, increasing their creative capacity and expressiveness.

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