Department of Theatre & Dance Student Learning Outcomes

Gonzaga University
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Theatre and Dance
B.A. in Theatre

Students who complete a theatre major at Gonzaga University should be able to:

  1. Analyze a play
  2. Respond critically to a performing arts production
  3. Contribute meaningfully to the making of a piece of theatre
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of effective communication and collaboration

In addition, learning outcomes will continue to be assessed individually in each class through appropriate measures outlined in each course syllabi. Generally, the assessment in the Department of Theatre and Dance takes the form of:

  1. Course examinations, papers, and grades;
  2. Projects devised by both instructor and student;
  3. journals and production books:
  4. internships and mentoring;
  5. post-production critiques;
  6. final interviews with student directors who complete both night of scene work and one-act play productions; and,
  7. informal feedback from alumni, graduate schools, employers, etc.