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Kate Millett demonstrates proper physical therapy techniques

Wellness Lab Addresses Dancers' Pain

"The Dance, Science and Wellness lab is taking the program to a “whole other level” by really focusing on educating student dancers about their bodies and movement..."

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Students dancing in a courtyard in Florence.

Dance Department Fall 2023 Newsletter

Join us in celebrating the past year and looking forward to the 2023-2024 season!

Derek Hough leading a masterclass with Gonzaga Dance Students

Lessons in Leadership From the Art of Dance: A Masterclass with Bruce & Derek Hough

Bruce Hough (ORGL, 2019) and his Emmy award winning son, Derek Hough, shared “Lessons in Leadership From the Art of Dance” with Gonzaga performing arts students.

The dance group poses for a photo in Ponte Vechio

Gonzaga Dance in Florence

"Jazzin’ - a Rooted History of Jazz Dance and Music" was developed and performed by students in partnership with Dance Director Suzanne Ostersmith for the 2023 Florence summer program.

Gonzaga Dance in Front of Hamilton Sign

Dance Students Shine in NYC

Three different majors, three different paths but the same landing spot: the Big Apple. Read more.

Cover of April 2022 Gonzaga Dance Magazine

Gonzaga Dance Magazine

Catch the latest issue of Gonzaga Dance Magazine.

Youth dancing as part of ZagDance program. (GU photo)

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