Gonzaga Dance in Florence

The dance group poses for a photo in Ponte Vechio

September 01, 2023
Dance Department

Gonzaga Dance Students perform Jazzin throughout Florence

Jazzin’ - a Rooted History of Jazz Dance and Music was developed by 19 students and Suzanne over the Spring Semester. Partnering with the Music Department, 2 of the students were musicians that played live music for the performance tour. Studying abroad in Florence is a transformative learning experience, and also having the opportunity to perform in various settings and learn from Italian Dance Professionals is a dream come true for our students. 

In addition to learning renaissance dance from a local scholar, and working with a professional from Florence Dance Center, the students performed the following tour:

  • May 23 Jazzin’ - Gonzaga in Florence Courtyard in collaboration with Gonzaga Choir 
  • May 30 Jazzin’ - Marble Hall, Florence
  • June 9 Jazzin’ - Two performance at Vicchio Theatre, in a village outside of Florence 
  • June 21 Renaissance Dance – Certosa Monastery for start of Conference on Medieval Italian history from the Cloister 
  • June 23 Angelo Egarese work – Florence Dance Festival at Santa Maria Novella
  • June 25 Jazzin’ - Florence Dance Festival at Santa Maria Novella 

The final weeks of the semester, Gonzaga Dance Alumni Joined us for the performances and an opportunity to experience Florence.