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Gonzaga Debate

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Gonzaga Debate Institute

One of the oldest summer debate institutes in the nation, Gonzaga Debate Institute assists students in developing their debate skills and preparing for competition at all levels of experience.

Gonzaga Debate Team

Gonzaga University Debate offers students the opportunity to engage in both competitive formats and public events designed for campus and community outreach.

Debate Director Glen Frappier

Debate Team March Madness

The Gonzaga debate team competed for the national championship at the National Debate Tournament (NDT) which kicked off in Washington, D.C., March 31, 2023. Like their basketball-playing fellow students, members of the debate team are dedicated to their craft in a way that a casual observer simply could never understand.

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Gonzaga University debate coach Glen Frappier, left, and assistant coach Joe Skoog hold the trophy map for Lafayette Debates champions Molly Martin, left, and Avalyn Renee.

Students Win Lafayette Debates, Present to U.N. Ambassador

Gonzaga’s Molly Martin and Avalyn Renee engaged virtually with Michal Mlynár, Slovakia’s ambassador and permanent representative to the U.N., who is president of the 25th session of the U.N. Habitat Governing Council.

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