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The 2021 Gonzaga Debate Institute

Welcome to the home of the Gonzaga Debate Institute! For over 50 years the GDI has trained students of all experience levels in the art of argument and debate and we are pleased to announce our plans for 2021. Currently we are planning a 100% online institute for Summer of 2021. The successful launch of the GDI Online in 2020 gives us an outstanding foundation to build on as we continue to improve and innovate our platforms, curriculum, and instructional delivery. We are fortunate to have an extremely talented faculty with extensive experience in online debate instruction. The GDI Online is committed to providing our students with the highest quality educational experience in a safe and secure online environment.

We encourage you to explore more about are faculty and programs and consider joining us for another amazing GDI summer!

Space is still available. Register today!

  • 5 Week Scholars (Policy Debate)—Monday, June 21 – Sunday, July 25
  • 5 Week Sophomores (Policy Debate)—Monday, June 21 – Sunday, July 25
  • 4 Week Policy Debate (Varsity and JV)— Monday, June 28 – Sunday, July 25
  • 2 Week Policy Debate (Varsity, JV, Novice) — Monday, July 12 – Sunday, July 25
  • 2 Week International Program - Policy Debate — Monday, July 12 – Sunday, July 25

For those of you new to the GDI here is a little info about who we are and what we do. The GDI has been hosted on the campus of Gonzaga University (WA) for over 50 years, making us one of oldest summer debate institutes in the nation. Over that time the GDI has developed a proven curriculum which has assisted thousands of students in developing their debate skills and preparing them for competition at all levels of experience. Whether a student’s goal is to win the TOC, NSDA, NDCA, their state championships, or just to develop some basic advocacy and speaking skills the GDI has a program and faculty that is right for them. In addition, we offer one of the most cost competitive pricing structures of any institute of our size and reputation. Debaters seeking a challenging, rewarding, and competitive summer should consider joining us for what promises to be another outstanding GDI experience.

This is what former TOC Champion and first round debater John Spurlock (Cal Berkeley) said about his multiple experiences at the GDI.

I had an amazing time in beautiful Spokane my three summers at the Gonzaga Debate Institute. More importantly the Gonzaga Debate Institute formed me as a debater in every essential way. I learned intricate elements of debate theory and discussed and thought about debate one-on-one with incredibly experienced staff in a way that I never had before. I not only researched a hard to produce set of files that I would use the entire season, but I also learned the skills to quickly and efficiently research innovative arguments of all kinds in the future. I worked with lab leaders to perfect my speaking style, striving to both make the best argument and say those arguments in the best way possible. Most importantly, however, I developed a particular way of thinking about debate, a set of strategic and tactical skills that has shaped every single speech that I have given since. None of my success in high school debate would have been possible without the Gonzaga Debate Institute and I give it my highest recommendation.
John Spurlock, TOC Champion and NDT Top Speaker

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