Gonzaga Debate Institute Programs

The GDI looks forward to welcoming our students to the Summer 2024 Programs!

Five Week Sophomores - CX/Policy Program

The GDI Five Week Sophomores has become a foundation part of the camp, and a destination for rising sophomores from across the nation. This program is designed for sophomores preparing to make their jump to the next level, and has attracted some of the best, brightest and most committed students from across the nation since its inception over a dozen years ago. Students can expect a dedicated faculty with extensive teaching backgrounds; a lab of your peers who share many of the same goals and who will work to create a positive lab environment; many, many debates and opportunities to speak - we think you learn best by doing; and an overall great debate experience. We want to make sure you have fun while you’re here and to that end you can expect your faculty to balance a lot of work with a lot of fun lab activities.

The primary faculty for our five-week programs are Adrienne Brovero, Geoff Lundeen, Sarah Lundeen, Martin Osborn, Jason Regnier and Tim Lewis.

Five-Week Juniors/Seniors - CX/Policy Program

Our five-week Juniors/Seniors program is designed for students with at least a year of competitive policy debate. Consistent with our overall philosophy, you can expect a skills-based emphasis at the GDI. You will jump right into debates during your first few days at camp, getting valuable feedback from faculty, while learning a host of skills ranging anywhere from research and argument development to judge adaptation and impact calculus. Alongside our sophomores the juniors and seniors will attend regular seminars, workshops and discussion groups designed to enhance your understanding of debate practice and help you work toward achieving all your goals!

The primary faculty for our five-week programs are Adrienne Brovero, Geoff Lundeen, Sarah Lundeen, Martin Osborn, and Jason Regnier.

Two Week (Varsity, JV and Novice) CX/Policy Programs

The two-week programs were the inaugural programs at the very first GDI nearly 50 years ago and continue to provide an outstanding lab experience to students of all skill levels who are looking for a high-quality camp experience in a shorter time frame. These labs are divided among skill levels, so students will be placed in labs with others of their level of experience. All these programs are truly “immersion” programs in the sense that they pack the best of all our programs into a Two-week experience. Given the time constraints of a two-week lab these programs primarily devote themselves to skill work including practice debates, speech redo’s, speaking drill and other activities geared toward the development of a students’ overall skill set. In addition, the students will attend a lecture series suited to their individual skill level. The institute will culminate in the GDI Tournament, a 6 rounds tournament featuring some tough competition and highly qualified judging. If you want to get the most out of two weeks of debate camp this is the program for you. You will not find a better two-week institute experience anywhere in the nation.

The primary faculty for our two-week programs are Judd Kimball, Tim Lewis, Dan Lingel, Molly Martin, Tracy McFarland, Avalyn Renee, and Patrick Waldinge.

Two Week Online (Varsity, JV and Novice) CX/Policy Programs

While much of the GDI is back to in-person participation, we recognize that many students still prefer an online option. Our two-week online program provides that opportunity. Students will participate primarily through Zoom where they will learn from experienced faculty with extensive background in teaching and coaching debate online. Participants will still attend many of the same events as the in-person participants synchronously through Zoom. They will also compete in the GDI tournament alongside (virtually) the in-person teams. If you want a top-notch summer experience, without the travel, this is the program for you!

The primary faculty for our two-week online program are Maggie Berthiaume.

Two Week Lincoln Douglas Program – (Varsity, JV and Novice)

While only two weeks, we promised you a packed schedule that maximizes your time and provides you an immersive experience culminating in the GDI tournament. The GDI LD topic will be announced in late June from among the NSDA ballot options. Your two weeks will be spent attending lecture, participating in skill work, interacting with faculty, and as many practice debates as we can fit in!

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