Gonzaga Debate Institute Pricing and Scholarship/Discounts

The GDI Online Competitive Tuition, Discounts and Scholarships

For decades GDI has been a leader in providing a high-quality debate education at a reasonable price. Please see the grid below for both in-person and online costs. A list of available scholarships/discounts is available if you scroll down.

In-Person Programs

Program In-Person Campus Resident
(Tuition/Dorm/Meal Plan)
In-Person Commuter
(Tuition/Meal Plan)
In-Person Commuter
 Five Week Sophomores  $5100.00  $3300.00  $2550.00
 Five Week Juniors/Seniors
 $5100.00  $3300.00  $2550.00
 Two Week (Vars/JV/Nov)
 $2300.00  $1750.00  $900.00
 Two Week (Vars/Beginner) Lincoln Douglas
 $2300.00  $1750.00  $900.00

Online Programs

Program  Cost
Two Week Online (Vars/JV/Nov)

The GDI Online Scholarship and Discount Notes

The GDI offers many options for students to lower their costs of attendance. There is space on the application to indicate if you wish to apply for any of those. Those include the following:

GDI Scholarship

A scholarship can be awarded for previous success and/or achievement in academic debate or students demonstrated financial need. To be considered for these scholarships students must submit a letter requesting an offer making an argument why they should be offered a scholarship. In addition, students must submit a letter of recommendation from a coach or former lab leader (or parent/legal guardian if the request is based on financial circumstances). These scholarships range in value but the average offer is approximately 10-15% of the total cost of attendance. Please note that your scholarship request can only be processed once the supporting materials are received. Please submit your scholarship application and upload documents here.

UDL Scholarship

All students representing schools that belong to the Urban Debate League schools are eligible for a scholarship amounting to a 10% of the cost of their attendance. If you do not attend a UDL sponsored school you are not eligible for this discount.

Alumni Discount

Returning GDI alumni are eligible to receive a 5% discount of the cost of their attendance (after any scholarships have been applied). There is no documentation or application needed for this scholarship.

Group Discount

Students from any school that send four or more students to the GDI will receive a 5% discount (after any scholarships have been applied) off the cost of attendance. Students must be registered and have paid their deposit to count towards the four.

Double group discount. If eight students attend from the same school the discount doubles to 10%.

Early Application Discount

All students applying before January 15th will receive a $50 discount off the cost of attendance.

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