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Gonzaga University School of Law is an American Bar Association accredited law school. The following information provides a snapshot of Gonzaga Law in accordance with ABA Standard 509.

Fall 2017 509 Enrollment Summary Report (PDF)

2017 Standard 509 Information Report (PDF)

Standard 509 Info Report (PDF)

2017 Employment Summary Report (PDF)

2016 Employment Summary Report (PDF)

2015 Employment Summary Report (PDF)

2014 Employment Summary Report (PDF)

2016 Gonzaga Law Learning Outcomes (PDF)

Admissions Data

For the class entering in 2016

Median LSAT: 153

Median GPA: 3.25

Full Admissions Data

Enrollment & Attrition Data

Retention Rates by Law Cohort 

For a detailed snapshot of the class entering in 2016, visit our Admissions Class Profile.

Law Graduation Rates 7-14 (PDF)

Law Retention Rates 7-16 (PDF)


Curricular Offerings

Academic Requirements

Academic Calendar

Curriculum Information

For the 2016-2017 Academic Year

Typical First Year Section Size: 48*

*Excluding small sections and Legal Research & Writing 

Number of Upper Division Classroom Course Sections, with an enrollment of:

            Under 25: 54

            25 to 49: 17

            50 to 74: 6

            75 to 99: 0

            100+: 0

Number of Seminar Positions Filled:

Number of Positions Available in Faculty-Supervised Clinical Courses: 114

Bar Examination Statistics

July 2017

Washington State:

Pass rate for first time GU Law test takers 73.9%

State Average:  72.3%

February 2017

Washington State:

Pass rate for first time GU Law test takers 69.2%

State Average:  57.7%

July 2016

Washington State:

Pass rate for first time GU Law test takers 73.5%

State Average:  70.4%

Full Bar Exam Statistics, 2008-2017

Employment Outcomes

Class of 2016: Of the 112 graduates of the Class of 2016, 92 were employed as of March 15, 2017.  Additionally, two graduates secured employment that started after March 15, 2017, six were pursuing additional education, and one was not seeking employment.  Of those employed, 85 are in bar passage required or JD advantage positions.

Full statistics for the Classes of 2008 – 2016.


Tuition: $1,236 per credit hour

Fees: Full listing of Fees

Living Costs: Estimated at $16,061

Full Student Budget:: Estimated at $51,884


Average (50th Percentile) Scholarship: $13,500

2014-2015 Conditional Scholarships: 124

Full scholarship retention data.

Refunds: Full Refund & Adjustment Schedule

Faculty & Administration

Full Time Faculty

Part Time Faculty

Library Staff


Library Resources

Chastek Library Collection

Chastek Library Student Services

Chastek Library Circulation Desk


Gonzaga University School of Law is housed in one building, completed in the year 2000, that was designed expressly for legal education. Read more about the Gonzaga Law building.