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Clinic & Centers

The centers and programs at Gonzaga Law recognize that there is much more to learning than just coursework, research, and textbooks. Each of the centers and programs offer opportunities for students and faculty to focus on topics and areas that are of greatest interest to them. Centers and Programs provide a framework from which conferences, projects, and programs are developed.

The Center for Professional Development

The Gonzaga University School of Law Center for Professional Development is a resource that helps foster connections between Gonzaga University students, alumni, and employers.

The Center for Civil and Human Rights

Providing students, scholars, and community leaders with opportunities to explore and address issues relating to civil rights and civil liberties, social and criminal justice, public interest law, immigration, Indian law, and international human rights.

The Commercial Law Center

Developing strong connections between the world of the academy and the world of transactional law practice, with publications and programs for students, professors, the bar and the bench.

Institute for Law Teaching and Learning

A combined effort of Gonzaga University School of Law, Washburn University School of Law, and University of Arkansas William H. Bowen School of Law, the Institute for Law Teaching and Learning was established to help law schools meet the obligation of helping students achieve the highest academic standards and assume their responsibilities as effective, moral attorneys. The Institute is committed to improving the quality of teaching and learning in legal education.

The Center for Law In Public Service (CLIPS)

Launched in 2011, the mission of CLIPS is to support the aspirations of students who study law in order to use their knowledge and skills for public service, whether they wish to make a full-time practice of public service law or promote the public good through part-time, pro bono legal work. CLIPS hosts several programs, including the Moderate Means Program, weekly PBJ forum, and the Pro Bono Distinction for students.

Thomas More Scholarship Program

A part of CLIPS, the Thomas More Scholarship Program provides full-tuition scholarships for students that plan to pursue careers in public service. These scholarships are renewable for the full three years of law school.