Lincoln LGBTQ Rights Clinic

Lincoln LGBTQ+ Rights Clinic

The Lincoln LGBTQ+ Rights Clinic works to protect and advance the equal rights and dignity of individuals who identify as LGBTQ+. Through education, programming, advocacy, research, and legal representation, the Clinic focuses on promoting reforms that support those who are marginalized and underserved because of their gender identity or expression. The Clinic collaborates with Gonzaga’s Lincoln LGBTQ+ Resource Center to provide education and outreach.

While providing crucial legal assistance and advocacy, the Clinic allows Gonzaga Law students to gain practical legal education and training in a supervised setting. Students have opportunities to engage in broader policy discussions about LGBTQ+ rights and to handle all phases of representation, including interviewing and counseling clients, fact-finding, brief writing, and appearing in court hearings on behalf of clients.

The Clinic offers legal help on a variety of legal matters, which may include correcting government identification cards, family law, domestic violence, and discrimination in areas such as housing, employment, public services, and education.

We are presently unable to accommodate new applications due to the high volume of cases we are currently handling. We kindly request that you revisit our application process in fall 2024, as we anticipate addressing our current waitlist by that time.

To receive legal assistance from the Lincoln LGBTQ+ RightsClinic please complete the fillable application via the button below and email it to or call 509-313-5791.

Click here to read about the launch of the Lincoln LGBTQ+ Rights Clinic.

Questions? Contact Lincoln LGBTQ+ Rights Clinic Director Sarah Harmon.


Creation of the Lincoln LGBTQ+ Rights Clinic

The Clinic is supported by a significant donation from Joe Lincoln, an alumnus (’88; electrical engineering) and Regent of Gonzaga University. Mr. Lincoln’s generosity also created Gonzaga University’s Lincoln LGBTQ+ Resource Center.

General Information

Students enrolled in the Lincoln LGBTQ+ Clinic will work with members of the LGBTQ+ community on their legal issues and on broader policy and advocacy issues. Clinic students meet together two hours each week in a classroom component to identify and develop case strategies and techniques and to discuss the theoretical and ethical dimensions of law practice and of policy and law affecting the LGBTQ+ community.

This Clinic aims to develop or improve students' ability to:

1. understand the rights and options afforded to clients by U.S. law
2. critically evaluate theoretical frameworks for law
3. analyze and constructively discuss current issues relating to law as it affects LGBTQ+ community members
4. conceptualize law reform 
5. apply the law to client’s situations to set effective strategy
6. reflect on their experiences and themselves as advocates
7. communicate with clients and others in culturally competent ways
8. communicate complex abstract ideas, both orally and in writing, in a coherent structured fashion in clear and direct English


Students must have completed 30 credits to enroll in the Lincoln LGBTQ+ Clinic

3 to 6 credit hours offered

Cost of Services:

For clients with low incomes, we offer our services on a pro bono basis. Clients who do not qualify for pro bono services may be charged according to a sliding scale.

Location & Hours:

The Lincoln LGBTQ+ Clinic is a part of Gonzaga Law School Clinical Legal Programs and a project of the Center for Civil and Human Rights. It is located in the Law School. 
8 a.m.–5 p.m.