Clinic Information for Students

How To Apply For Clinical Experience

To register for the clinical program, you must submit an application, resume and conflict of interest from to the manager of Gonzaga Law School Clinical Legal Programs. Applications are made available in the Law Clinic each semester. For any questions about the application process, contact LeAnn Blair by email or phone, at (509) 313-3799.

Upon acceptance, the Clinic will notify the Registrar’s Office of your selection for clinical enrollment; the registrar will automatically add the clinic credits to your registration.

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester:
Applications are accepted in April and May, depending on registration dates.
Spring Semester:
Applications are accepted in October and/or November, depending on registration dates.
Summer Semester:
Applications are accepted in March, depending on registration dates.
Please note: Summer Semester clinical experience covers the full summer term.

About Clinic Classes

  • Clinic offerings may change each semester.
  • Students may enroll in Clinic classes for credit in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.
  • Students may enroll in the Clinical program for one or more terms.
  • Students who wish to enroll for more than one term must reapply each successive term.
  • A student may take up to 15 Experiential Learning Requirement credits toward the 90 credits required to graduate. Externship credits and clinical credits combined count toward the 15.

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