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The Art of Gonzaga Law

Kathy Gale - 2021-22 Artist in Residence

 Kathy Gale

Over the course of just a few moments, you will travel from a field of daffodils to a gorgeous sunset over the mountains, all while planting your feet in the Law School’s Building. The halls of Gonzaga School of Law are brighter than before, thanks to 2021-2022 Artist in Residence Kathy Gale.

Gale is a Spokane local and Zag Alum (B.A.’78). Her work is best described as “Impressionism with a strong abstract quality.” Using oils, watercolors, or pastels, Gale derives inspiration for her paintings from pictures she has taken on her travels throughout the Pacific Northwest. Her specific collection of paintings featured in her residency are “a response to my first viewing of the Skagit Valley Tulip Fields in the Spring of 2015.” 

She states that the paintings featured in her residency acknowledge and pay tribute to field workers in the Skagit Valley. "Whether a migrant worker or day laborer, their physical resilience and emotional grit are the qualities that keep agriculture productive every day, throughout the world.”

Gale's work is on display through the spring semester at the law school, although the building remains closed to the public. However, all are welcome to view her pieces on the Art Spirit Gallery website on the Art Spirit Gallery website.

Gale and the Art Spirit Gallery will be donating a portion of the artist-in-residence stipend to the Immigrant Resources and Immediate Support Foundation in the Skagit Valley. IRIS serves immigrants in immediate need of health, residential, and clothing assistance. Additionally, Gale will also be donating a portion of the sales to the School of Law’s student emergency fund, which gives students resources and assistance during unexpected and unavoidable life emergencies.

For additional information regarding Gale's work, please contact Blair Williams at The Art Spirit Gallery at


Check out our past featured artists:

Shelle Lindholm and Dean Rooksby

Known for her vibrant and high energy depictions of wildlife, Shelle Lindholm’s work brings with it a sense of experimentation and exploration. Lindholm describes herself as a storyteller, combining colors, shapes, patterns, and textures to create a world where her animals are the star. In her artist statement, Lindholm notes that she often asks herself, “how can I make this animal different,” as a way to craft her whimsical pieces.

Lindholm’s work was displayed through the 2020-21 academic year at the law school and was featured in the Gonzaga Law magazine. She donated a portion of the proceeds from the sale of her work to the Zag Law Emergency Fund. 


Gonzaga Law’s March 2019 exhibition of Donald Sewell’s photography brought the clarity and crispness of Washington’s outdoors inside during one of the grayest months of the year. Sewell, a Spokane native, began his career in photography at 19 when his father gave him a Zeiss-Ikon camera he had purchased at a pawn shop.

Photography literally means “to write or draw with light,” and Sewell’s work captures the intensity of the landscape and wildlife around him. A master of composition, Sewell says he “look[s] for what other people are missing,” when he takes a shot.

Although he has moved from film to digital, he still sets every shot manually and refuses to Photoshop. “I’m still an old-school film guy at heart,” he says. This ethos makes his work even more astonishing since each photo’s natural perfection is the sum of Sewell’s patience, technique, and eye as it captures the ephemeral and eternal of the world around us in Spokane.

Art Examples:

Sewell 1

Sewell 2


Marsha Marcuson is a local artist who creates stirring artwork with oils and acrylics. Marcuson focuses her work on color and movement and often paints landscapes because of the way they encourage variety and flexibility. Rather than attempting to “make a statement” with her work, Marcuson strives to simply enjoy the colors and shapes.

Marcuson grew up surrounded by the rolling hills and golden wheat fields of Eastern Oregon, a place that still influences her art to this day. Beginning her art journey at the age of 12 with weekly art lessons, Marcuson learned the basics of paint techniques and was hooked from then on. Over the years, she has experimented with various classes and projects and has been featured in numerous shows and exhibits.

Art Examples:

Marcuson 1 v2

Marcuson 2 v2


A self-proclaimed “point n’ pray” photographer, Robert Charloe describes his process as simply pointing his camera and praying that the shot comes out the way he envisioned. His authentic style has served him well in over 20 years of business. Throughout that time, Charloe’s work has been displayed in over 100 exhibits. A proud enrolled member of the Kalispel Tribe, Charloe earned his bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and American Indian Studies from the University of Washington and a master’s degree in Education from Antioch University, Seattle.

Art Examples:

Charloe 2

Charloe 2


Amalia Fisch is a fine artist living and working in Spokane. Amalia studied traditional oil painting in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She attended Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle and graduated from UW with a BFA in Printmaking. Amalia has shown her work in various galleries and has won awards for her paintings, including 1st place at the Jundt Art Museum Close In series: 1st Inland NW Juried Landscape Art Exhibition in 2018. Currently, Amalia’s passions are watercolor and plein air painting.

Art Examples:

Fisch 1

Fisch 2


Frank Trummel is a local artist that has lived in Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington for the past 45 years and Spokane for the last 15 years. He attended The Portland Museum Art School, majored in art and architecture at Oregon State University and took classes at Pasadena Museum Art School in California. Over time, Trummel began to realize that all visual art is some form or another of combining lines, shapes, colors, and materials to produce something pleasing to the eye and mind or that makes a statement. Using this knowledge, Trummel developed his own art style featuring large, bold, and colorful combinations.

Art Example:



Freelance artist Jacob Johns is from the Akimel O’odham and Hopi nations in Arizona. Johns is an artist and activist who believes we are all different rays of the same light.

Art example

Jacob Johns


Manal Deeb is a Palestinian-American artist who was born in Ramallah, Palestine, and currently resides in Fairfax, VA, USA. Manal studied Studio Arts at the University of Illinois in Chicago and got her Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Psychology of Art from George Mason University in Virginia. Her artwork has been featured in magazines, journals, radio interviews, TV interviews, and newspapers throughout the world. Her main subjects are humanity, Palestine, the Palestinian people, global cultures, creating bridges between religions, Arab women, global women issues, and identity.

Manal Deeb