Gonzaga Law Alumni Awards

Gonzaga Legal awards

Gonzaga University School of Law honors its alumni and friends with a variety of awards intended to recognize exceptional service to Gonzaga and to the community.

Distinguished Legal Service Award

The Distinguished Legal Service Award, formerly the Distinguished Judicial Service Award, is presented, annually, at Red Mass. The award is given to an individual who exemplifies the mission of Gonzaga University School of Law and is well connected to Gonzaga Law community. The award honors those who show longevity of service, an active role in the judicial community and/or strong public service commitment.

The Gonzaga Law Medal

The Gonzaga Law Medal is bestowed annually by the School of Law during Spring Commencement. The award is given to deserving individuals who have distinguished themselves in the service of justice through the practice of law, as a member of the judiciary, in public/private employment, or in legal teaching.

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