The Gonzaga Law Medal

Gonzaga Legal awards 

The Gonzaga Law Medal is bestowed annually by the School of Law during Spring Commencement. The award is given to deserving individuals who have distinguished themselves in the service of justice through the practice of law, as a member of the judiciary, in public/private employment, or in legal teaching. The Gonzaga Law Medal was created in 1962in commemoration of the Golden Anniversary of the founding of the School of Law. The Honorable Archibald Cox, Solicitor General of the United States, was the first recipient of the Gonzaga Law Medal. The Law Medal is the school of Law’s highest honor.

2023 Recipient:

Judge Kathleen O'Connor, '75, Retired Spokane County Superior Court

Previous Recipients:

2022 - The Honorable Christine Gregoire, '77, former governor of the State of Washington

2021 - Chief Justice Mike McGrath, '75, Montana Supreme Court Justice

2020 - The Gonzaga Law Medal was not awarded in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic

2019 - Mark DeForrest*, '97, Professor Emeritus Gonzaga Law

2018 - Judge Rosanna Malouf Peterson, U. S. District Court, Eastern District of Washington

2017 - The Honorable Richard Guy, ’59, Retired Chief Justice of the Washington Supreme Court

2016 - Gary C. Randall, Professor Emeritus Gonzaga Law

2015 - Geoffrey Hartje and Emeritus Mark Wilson, Former Gonzaga Law Professors and University Legal Assistance Co-Founders

2014 - Chief Justice Barbara Madsen, ’77, Washington State Supreme Court Justice

2012 - John E. Clute*, ’63, Former Law School Dean

2011 - J . Richard Manning, ’60, Seattle attorney

2010 - Patrick A. Sullivan, ’59, Spokane attorney

2009 - Thomas J. Greenan, ’57, Seattle attorney

2008 - J. Donald Curran, ’60 and Va Lena Scarpelli Curran, ’58, Spokane attorneys

2007 - Norman L. Roberts, ’59, California attorney

2006 - Paul N. Luvera, ’59, Seattle attorney

2005 - Sam Reed, Secretary of State, State of Washington

2002 - Fr. Bernard J. Coughlin, S.J., Chancellor, Gonzaga University

2001 - Barbara C. Clark, Executive Director, Legal Foundation of Washington

1999 - Kathleen Taft, Spokane attorney

1998 - Judy Clarke, Federal Public Defender for Eastern Washington and Idaho

Thomas W. Hillier, II, Public Defender for Western Washington

1997 - Joseph P. Delay, ’52, Spokane attorney

1996 - Morris Dees, Director and Co-Founder, Southern Poverty Law Center, Montgomery, Alabama

1995 - Vern G. Davidson, Professor of Law, Gonzaga Law School

1994 - Harry M. Cross, Professor of Law, University of Washington

1993 - Carl Maxey, ’51, Spokane attorney

1992 - Jack R. Dean, ’50, Spokane attorney

1991 - Thomas L. Shaffer, Professor of Law, Notre Dame

1988 - Vernon R. Pearson, Washington State Supreme Court Justice

1987 - Lewis H. Orland, Associate Dean and Professor of Law, Gonzaga Law School

1986 - Phillip S. Brooke, ’47, Spokane attorney

1985 - Joseph Nappi, ’44, Professor of Law, Gonzaga Law School

1984 - Walter Thomas McGovern, Chief Judge, U.S. District Court

1983 - Leo McGavick, ’29, Tacoma attorney

1982 - James Benjamin McInturff, ’52, Chief Judge, Court of Appeals, Division III

1981 - Charles Horowitz, Washington State Supreme Court Justice (retired)

1980 - Smithmoore P. Myers, ’39, U.S. Magistrate, former Gonzaga Law School Dean

1979 - William H. Williams, ’51, Washington State Supreme Court Justice

1978 - Floyd Hicks, Washington State Supreme Court Justice

1977 - William J. Lindberg, ’27, Federal Judge

1975 - Dr. John T. Noonan, Professor of Law, University of California

1974 - Honorable Richard H. Chambers, Chief Judge, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

1973 - Alfred J. Schweppe, University of Washington Law School Dean

1972 - Honorable Willard Roe, ’40, Superior Court Judge, Spokane

1971 - Thomas Malott, ’34, Spokane attorney

1970 - Honorable William J. Jameson, Federal District Judge, Montana

1969 - Honorable Robert C. Finley, Washington State Supreme Court Justice

1968 - Honorable Charles L. Powell, Federal District Judge, Eastern Washington

1967 - Honorable Frank P. Weaver, Washington State Supreme Court Justice

1966 - Benjamin H. Kizer, Spokane attorney

1965 - Charles P. Moriarty, Seattle attorney

1964 - Honorable Raymond F. Kelly, ’24, Superior Court Judge, Spokane

1963 - Honorable John O’Connell,’42, Attorney General, State of Washington

1962 - Archibald Cox, Solicitor General of the United States

*Awarded posthumously

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