Memories of Mark Wilson

"For me, Mark Wilson has been a powerful presence, both when I spent time with him daily, and when I spent no time at all with him. His was the kind of outsized personality that made it seem like the few years that I spent with him sharing rollicking good times and hard, serious work lasted much longer than they really did. He created memories such that I thought of him often, even after we had lost touch over the past ten to fifteen years. I vividly recall his face across a table at one of our favorite haunts in Milwaukee, or in the lounge car of the Canadian National Railway, or at a cold campsite in northern Wisconsin. And his laugh. And his expression of vexation: “Now Goddammit John!” And his humanity. I thought of him as indestructible."  ~ John Ebbott

"Mark was instrumental in my early development to becoming an attorney. In the summer of ‘82, I wrote a motion that was argued in federal court and also got a not guilty on a misdemeanor jury trial, he co-chaired with me. After graduation I was a federal law clerk for two years and then went on to be a public defender, retiring after 31 years as the Chief Assistant Public Defender of Sacramento County. He was very inspirational and dedicated to the students." ~ Karen (Sly) Flynn (‘83)

"Without question, one of my most favorite teachers and mentors at GU. Rest in peace my Brother until we meet again on the other side." ~ Herbert Ishibashi ('98)

"I am Javier De Luca, and yesterday I took notice about Prof. Mark Wilson's passing. I am a Professor of Criminal Law at the School of Law of University of Buenos Aires. I knew Mark in November of 1995, when he came with other colleagues to my Law School to teach a seminar about the teaching of professional practice or clinic. It was a one-week course, for the whole day. It was a wonderful experience, not only for the content, but his exceptional teaching skills. Theory and practice together. Teach to teach. I was lucky that, a couple of years later, my Law School sent a colleague and me during January and February 1997, to Spokane, to participate in a teacher and professional training program, as a visiting professor at Gonzaga. We were very warmly received. We visited the Clinic and learned from other teachers. I remember lots of anecdotes with Mark, including those at Elk, of course. After that, he came to Buenos Aires a couple of times, once with Loretta, where we shared great moments and laughed together a lot. Recently, we got in touch because he was planning to visit Buenos Aires with Loretta and Ruby. His loss touches me and my wife deeply, but we will always remember him with his laugh, sensibility, acuity and willingness to do things. A Big One left. My deepest condolences." ~ Javier Augusto De Luca

"I worked with Mark at the Law Clinic for almost seven years. There are many inspiring stories I could tell, but this is the one I cherish the most and try to remember: I was frustrated and upset with a colleague. Mark patiently listened to me vent and then said, “We don’t ever give up on people.” He was the kindest, most gentle, and wise man, in addition to being a great intellect." ~ Hon. Tari S. Eitzen ('83), ret’d. Spokane County Superior Court

"I loved my 4 years of law school at Gonzaga, and one note that got my attention is that in his "professor" work, he "exemplified the Jesuit spirit." What that brings to my mind is that in my four years of courses in the Law, one or two dealt with Washington domestic or family law, divorces, etc. And I was a bit surprised in those courses that the "professor" teaching us left the Jesuit spirit out of any notes, comments, details or anything about divorce law, and it seemed appropriate but a bit of a surprise to me at Gonzaga. I was there 10-14 years before Mark arrived, and we learned a lot, but it is fun to learn that maybe things slanted over a bit more from his guidance." ~ Ed Huneke ('65)

"I worked in the clinic from 2002- 2003 in the office right next to Mark's. He would be working a brief and quite often you'd here a yell or an expletive due to computer problems of some variety. Of course I or others would attempt to help fix whichever issue he was having. In the end there would be a great written brief for whichever case he was working on. Mark was the ideal clinical professor due to the personal touch and attention he gave to his students and the cases he was working on. I came to Gonzaga most interested in the protection of the environment and Mark provided me the opportunity to practice on real cases in the area. I recall going out into the field with Mark to view the cases we were working on "in the field" within the National Forests in Northern Idaho. I recall he would take the small group of students who were in the environmental clinic to dinner at an area restaurant to discuss law and life. He would instruct us in a very calm deliberate manner without the brash heavy handedness that you may see among other law professors. Make no mistake Mark was a mental giant, a tremendous advocate, and extremely generous among those that were his students. He left an indelible mark in terms of my memories at Gonzaga and my experiences with him and the clinic are the ones that are most positive for me. thanks Professor Wilson!" ~ Joel Ban ('83)

"Mark it’s just a great guy and was such an important part of the Gonzaga law community. He will be missed." ~ Steve Lamberson ('82)

"Thank you for this opportunity to share my memorable experiences with Mark E. Wilson, both as a friend and as a career partner. Working with Mark for 30 years holds many such memories and experiences. One highlight is the opportunity of a lifetime experience going along with Professor Wilson on his sabbatical in Santiago, Chile. I was a presenter as a Native North American Indian at the Human Rights Conference held at the University of Chile School of Law at Santiago. Several meetings/presentations at the CONACIN in Santiago, involving members of the Mapuche Tribe. My tears have turned into joy as I ponder the precious time I was privileged to have with this wonderful human being." ~ Bonnie White, Former Gonzaga Law School, University Legal Assistance, Office Manager, Assistant to Director