2020 Red Mass for the Legal Profession

Originally held in 1310, Red Mass marked the beginning of the Michaelmas (fall term) of the King’s Bench during the reign of Edward of England. It was an occasion of pageantry and solemnity as judges, barristers and members of Parliament gathered to invoke God’s blessing and guidance for themselves and their profession. 

2020 Red Mass Recording


*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we did not award the Distinguished Legal Service Award for the 2020 Red Mass

Gene Annis (’59)
Edward Anson (’77)
Mauro Barreiro (’86)
Gary Benjamin (’83)
Robert Berchan (’84)
Laura M. Bowen (’91)
Jess Cariker, Jr. (’85)
Conrado Cavazos, Jr. (’80)
Clark Colwell (’73)
Vincent Dressel (’77)
Max Etter, Jr. (’66)
David E.George (’79)
Gene Godderis (’61)
Charles H. Hammer (’79)
Fred Hanson
Timothy J. Harkins (’77)
Stephen Haskell (’77)
Jack J. Hetherington (’77)
Clairmont E. Hormel (’60)
Sam Jankovich
Janet E. Jenkins (’82)
Fr. William J. Keenan, S.J.
Kristopher A. Kinkade (’95)
Ms. Stella M. Lutes
Muriel Martinez
The Hon. Phillip Mendiguren (’78)
Daniel Mitchell (’66)
Godwin Chiago Moemenam (’73)
James Niblack (’80)
Fay Oakes (’72)
Leon Olney (’50)
Mildred Pederson
David Peterson (’52)
Donald K. Querna
Clifford Rankin
Michael E. Reagan (’86)
Robert L. Redmond (’04)
Scott A. Schillinger (’02)
Joyce E.J. Smith (’81)
Larry Stephenson (’75)
Dwight Stevens (’51)
Greg Timm (’79)
Mr. John J. Tyner III (’82)
Fred Valdez
Elvin Vandeberg (’54)
Brian R. Watson (’91)
Blake E. Wilson (’11)
Donald Winters (’76)
Jim Workland (’64)
Joel Wright (’78)
Arnold Young (’69)