Adjustments & Withdrawals

Complete Withdrawals and Dropped classes

Students completely withdrawing must obtain a Complete Withdrawal form from the Law Registrar’s Office.

Financial Aid refunds will be returned in accordance with governmental and University regulations. The University reserves the right to change any costs and/or provisions without notice. It further reserves the right to withhold student information, including transcripts of record and diplomas, until said student’s account has been paid in full.

No student will be allowed to register for an ensuing semester if a balance is owed for a prior semester. 

Please see the Student Accounts website for information on Complete Withdrawal Adjustments.

Dropped Classes

 Please see our Student Accounts website for information on the Dropped or Withdrawn Courses Schedule

Note: A finance charge of 12% per annum pro rata (365 days) or a rebilling fee of 1% of the total amount due or $3, whichever is greater, will be added to a student’s account on any amount more than thirty days past due.