Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loans

In 2012, the Federal Government has passed legislation that ended the subsidized Stafford loan for Graduate students.

Most Gonzaga students borrow directly from the Department of Education under the Federal Direct Loan Program. Your Federal Direct Loans can be managed at Eligibility for the unsubsidized Stafford is not contingent upon financial need; thus, the borrower is responsible for interest that accrues on the loan while in school. To qualify for the loan, the FAFSA must be renewed each year.

Annual limits for Federal Direct Loans total $20,500. Students are eligible to borrow $20,500 through the academic year (September-August). If a student borrows up to the $20,500 limit during the Fall and Spring semesters, they will not be eligible for the Federal Direct Loan options during the summer term. In this scenario, the only loans available to students would be through a Graduate PLUS loan or an alternative loan through a bank or credit union.

You can find more information about current disbursement, interest rates, fees, repayment and aggregate limits online.  

All students borrowing a Direct Loan program must sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) through the Direct Loan program, and complete entrance counseling. These steps are required once during your time at Gonzaga. The MPN and entrance counseling can be completed online at You will need your FAFSA PIN to log into the site.

Students leaving Gonzaga will be required to complete Exit Counseling on the loans they receive while attending Gonzaga. This has to be done both online at and in person during exit counseling meetings in November for the fall grads and in April for the May grads.

Federal Graduate Plus Loan Program

The Federal Graduate PLUS Loan Program allows graduate students to borrow long-term, low-interest funds to help meet education expenses. Students must show an absence of negative credit history to qualify for this loan. The maximum PLUS loan amount is calculated by subtracting the total aid awarded to the student from the cost of attendance. To request the Federal Graduate PLUS loan, please visit and complete the application and promissory note at

You can find more information about the PLUS loan rates, fees, requirements and repayment online

Private (Alternative) Loans

Numerous banks offer private educational loan programs to assist students with college expenses. All private educational loan programs are based on creditworthiness. These loans may require a credit-worthy cosigner for approval of loans. These loans often have a 2 year fixed interest rate and then become a variable interest rate for the term of the loan.

Please be aware with the Private (Alternative) Loans that you cannot consolidate them with any of the federal loans, plus you will not have as flexible repayment options and terms. These loans also would not qualify for the public service forgiveness programs.

Direct to Consumer Loans

Lenders may offer a type of private educational loan that does not require school certification. Borrowing this type of private educational loan may have a serious negative impact on your existing financial aid package and could result in a reduction of your federal loan(s) and/or work study. Please contact the Financial Aid Office before borrowing one of these loans.



The FAFSA code for Gonzaga University School of Law is 003778. Students must enroll in the Gonzaga University E-Refund program to receive loan refunds.