Private Alternative

A variety of private lenders offer alternative loans funded through non-government sources.  Gonzaga recommends you complete a FAFSA® Application to determine any Federal Loan eligibility.  If you need additional funding after considering all Federal Loan options, a private/alternative loan may be an option to consider.  Before making a decision on a private loan or lender, Gonzaga recommends that you compare Federal Versus Private Loans.

All private educational loan programs are based on creditworthiness and most lenders require a credit-worthy cosigner for approval of loans for undergraduate student applications.  

To help you with a private lender search, Gonzaga had complied a historical list of lenders.  Each of the lenders below has disbursed at least one private loan to Gonzaga University within the last three academic years.  

You may select ANY lender you wish without penalty (whether they are on the list or not on the list).  Please contact Gonzaga with any questions you may have about federal or private loan processes.  

If you have borrowed from a lender that is not listed below, please contact that lender directly.  They may not be offering new private loans and as such were removed from this list.  They may still be able to lend to you if you have borrowed from them in prior years.  

Your lender may offer a type of private educational loan through their website that does not require school certification.  Borrowing this type of private educational loan may have a serious negative impact on your existing financial aid package.  Please contact Gonzaga's financial aid office before borrowing one of these loans.

Gonzaga University does not recommend or endorse any lender and adheres to a code of conduct.

Many lenders participate in a loan comparison website called ElmSelect. It is a good tool you can use to compare loan products. If your lender is not listed on the website, please contact them directly to find out about their loan products.

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Lenders that have helped Gonzaga students in the last three years:

(12/2020 - 12/2023)

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union   (800) 737-5115 
Alaska Advantage   (800) 441-2962 
Ascent (877) 216-0876
Baxter Credit Union   (844) 820-5215 
BECU   (866) 291-6868 
Citizen's Bank (800) 721-3969 
College Avenue  (844) 422-7502
Custom Choice by Cognition   (866) 513-8445 
Digital Credit Union   (800) 324-1589 
earnest (888) 601-2801 
Elements Financial  (800) 621-2105 
Education Loan Finance (SouthEast Bank)   (844) 732-2657 
Funding U  (855) 537-5457  
GESA Credit Union  (888) 946-4372 
Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union  (800) 379-1300 
Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corp  (800) 542-6005 
LendKey  (888) 549-9050 
MEFA (Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority)  (800) 266-0243 
MPOWER Financing  (202) 417-3800 
Nelnet Bank  (800) 446-4190 x119 
NHHEAF (New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation)  (888) 747-2382 
PNC Financial Services Group  (800) 762-1001 
RISLA (Rhode Island Student Loan Authority)  (800) 758-7562 
Royal Credit Union   (800) 341-9911
Sallie Mae (888) 272-5543
Sallie Mae - Bellco Credit Union (800) 235-5261
Sallie Mae - California Coast Credit Union  (877) 495-1600 
Sallie Mae - Commerce Bank   (800) 453-2265 
Sallie Mae - Numerica  (800) 433-1837 
San Francisco Fire Credit Union (888) 499-3473 
SoFi   (855) 456-7634 
Southland Credit Union  (800) 426-1917 
Star One Credit Union  (866) 543-5202 
Thrivent Credit Union  (866) 226-5225  
Union Federal Savings Bank  (866) 513-8445 
United Federal Credit Union (888) 982-1400
Unitus Community Credit Union (800) 452-0900